Timbers Plane Almost as Dope as Big Bunny


Remember when FC Dallas flew that plane with the Dallas 'Til I Die banner over the Dynamo match last week? Portland just saw them their plane and raised them a wrap job worthy of any hip-hop label's promo van. Whether it's by accident or design I don't know but the rumor is that this plane is scheduled to make it's first passenger flight out of Seattle of all places.

Bravo Timbers. This is flier than a G6 (but it still doesn't top Hef's plane).


Eric Flatness said...

Alaska Airlines is based in Seattle. That's right, Portland's jersey sponsor is an inherently-Seattle team.

thurd said...

if these seattle guys were as hard as they say they are theyd bring it down.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Exit...Plane Left

Rory said...

Alaska is Alaskan right?

In truth it was.

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