That Thing That Those Guys Did in Seattle

Another thing I don't have much to say about but that's because it really speaks for itself. Bravo ECS, y'all took it to another level...but where do you go from here?


Lucas said...

As a Timbers fan who was in the park, I cannot deny that I got a chuckle when the leveque banner went up.

Aaron said...

I will admit that the support for the sounders were loud... for the first FIVE-minutes. (being generous there.) then it died off like the Seattle Supersonics.

Seriously, it was filled with 35,000+ Sounders "support," but compared to the 18,000+ at Portland, we make the lot of ya' sound like children nappin'.

You made your entire support group sound like glory hunters who know nothing about the game. Like I said, just like the Supersonics.

Sean said...


May you pint glass always be full and your trophy case empty.

Cheers from Seattle.

Capello said...

It's pretty funny that through out the tv broadcast you can hear the chants of 500 visiting fans over 35,000+ home fans.

Joe said...

Back & Forth trolling...YAY.

Was there & i'll always give credit where credit is due...good shite on the tifo.

Eric Flatness said...

Being in attendance, the only time I could hear the TA was after the goal. "only sing when you're winning". The MARCHING BAND you hate so much was louder.

That tifo was indeed incredible BTW.

ivy said...

Best. Tifo. Ever. Ooh to be a Sounder!