NSR: Josh T. Pearson "Enjoy the Silence"

I'm starting out the morning on the mellow. You may not believe me but Josh T. Pearson is an old college buddy of mine. Or more than likely you have no idea who Josh is. That's understandable since he's always been the kind of musician who can't get arrested at home in the states but plays festivals with Pulp and Elbow and the like in Europe.

He's solo now but he used to be in a band called Lift to Experience back when we were at UNT. Shit was crazy. Dudes would play at somebody's house party one month then the next month they would be in London opening for Sparklehorse.

I remember meeting a fan of theirs once on a boozy night out in Camden with (warning: 90's name-drop alert) a couple of guys out of Primal Scream and Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine. Dude was all in awe of the fact that he was hanging out with the band and all I could think was "Kevin Shields wrote Loveless and you're sweating the guys that owe me $10 bucks from $2 Pitcher Night at Lucky Lou's. Unfuckingbelievable."

Anyway Josh is solo now, living in Berlin and signed to Mute Records, longtime home of Depeche Mode. Here's him doing his whole Appalachian country-core take on "Enjoy the Silence." You may well hate this.

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Anonymous said...

Josh's pop covers are the most popular vids on my channel. I've had messages saying they'd like an ep of covers from him. So interested to hear your background stories, it's so cool you went to college together!