No Love for LA


For whatever reason, this week LA has usurped Rebecca Black's "Friday" as the focal point of America's hatred. Luke Rodgers thinks their captain is "a prick". Former striker Carlos Ruiz says they ain't all that. And roommates/renters Chivas USA thinks their fans are as artificial as crash test dummies. Oh well, I guess that's just what happens when you're on top.

But on the flip side they did get awarded MLS Cup for this year. No matter how whack you think they are you can't hate on going somewhere that will be 80 degrees the week before Thanksgiving. So unless you live in Miami this is nothing but a win for all of us. Keep hating haters but know that LA will be giving you warm, sunny poolside tongue kisses in November. Just sayin'.


Kaiser said...

We should listen to everything Rodgers and Ruiz say, because we know those two are total class.

And Chivas...are you serious? At least Galaxy fans show up for games. Chivas USA is a totally artificial team that tried and failed to build off another popular club. They have no history, no tradition, have never won anything, and even have to use the Galaxy's stadium...rent is due on the first!

Brian said...

SF, I find it funny when your fellow NYRB fans pretend to hate Donovan.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Pretend? Donovan has always been a target when he's in his club shirt. Nothing new here.

muebles en girona said...

The dude is absolutely right, and there is no question.