New Blog on the Block: Beautiful Gear


Chris Toy of Studs Up fame has a new concern called Beautiful Gear. It's basically Uncrate for footie freaks. Among the wares currently on display is the really fine kit from local Dallas team Portman Kunis which is pictured above.

The team name is an homage to the sapphic love scene between unnecessarily sexy Black Swan co-stars Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis. If for some reason you have any doubt about that being the true origin of the Portman Kunis moniker check the scissors in the badge. Also, the guy who made the jersey says so.

For more cool ish to blow your cash on checkout BeautifulGear.com.

UPDATE: I have learned from a reputable source (read: @beautiful_gear) that this blog is not new and is not just Chris Toy. So there you go. Knowledge = power...or something.


Anonymous said...

THIS IS AWESOME I AM SO JEALOUS! My rec team just shows up in the same color shirt.

Nick Poleto said...

The black version of that jersey is AMAZING!

JL said...


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