#LAvNY: A Meal of a Match (in Appetizer Form)

There's not too much I can say at this point about the most recent installment LA v. NY that hasn't already been said, blogged or Tweeted. With the exception of the Vancouver comeback game against Sporting KC, the first 45 minutes of this match were the most entertaining so far in the young season.

If you missed it because you were in the club, a bar or midnight mass you can catch the game in a 20 minute condensed version on Youtube. Knock yourself out.

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Becks said...

When are you going to do a story on what a cheating dirty SOB Henry is?? He stepped on Donovan AND Beckham way late after the play totally intentionally (LA's 2 best players, coincidence? I think not)

Then there was that keeper incident, Hartman I think, where he kicked the ball after the goal, injuring the keeper's knee. Another sneaky after-the-play incident I'm drawing a blank on at the moment... And a couple no-call shoves from the behind that the announcers called "gamesmanship". Then of course, his illustrious Ireland handball...