I Got Nothin' (But Lindsay Lohan)

Hey y'all. How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you get drunk and act the fool at a cookout? Did you give a rambling, arrogant press conference? Did you get fired from your coaching gig or maybe get homesick for Europe?

I ate too much and watched too much soccer yet I still can't think of anything worth running my mouth about today that 100 other people aren't already talking about. So in lieu of a completely unoriginal & uniformed post about what Carlos de los Cobos' firing means here's a video of LiLo looking improbably attractive. It ain't the beautiful game but it is beautiful to look at.


mayerweisel said...

Can we give Sepp Blatter the nickname "Muppet Fingers"?

The Ultra said...

she always looks better as a Redhead. As a blonde she's just so much more bleh...every girl is blonde...bleh

Anonymous said...

She was attractive before she went all coke'd out and got plastic surgery. Don't get me wrong, still attractive, and any sane man would say yes. However, she's down from a 9/10 to a 7/10.

As for the President of FIFA.
They're more corrupt than Jersey Shore is for the youth.

**That's right, I went there**

afrodisiacos said...

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