FOX Soccer Loses FSC, Gains Super-Great Graphics


Right about now I imagine Beyonce's "Upgrade You" is on blast at the FOX Soccer offices as news just broke of their new-look Soccer Night in America thingy that drops on Friday night. From the photos and videos it looks and feels more like FOX's NFL and MLB broadcasts. So long as it doesn't have the damn breakdancing robots I'm sure we'll all be fine.

Also of note is that the company seems to have phased out the FSC moniker. Is it just me or has every promo, press release and on-air read said "FOX Soccer" instead of "FSC" or "FOX Soccer Channel" as of late? New looks all around I guess.


BlacknBlueKC said...

And what better way to enjoy Soccer Night in America then at the bar with the boys and good game of Poolball. http://youtu.be/zLZUMNR_okc

Anonymous said...

looks dope.

mayerweisel said...

that music is the theme they used for the bcs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw8v_Tb2vcg

Anonymous said...

i like the robots!! it would be cool!!