A Brief Rant on My USMNT Kit Design inferiority Complex

Y'all know I'm down with U.S. Soccer and all but you know there is no way in high hell that we would ever do something as interesting as having Peter Saville design our kit like England did. No. Way. This is America and for reasons unbeknown to me the mixing of high-art and high-level sport is damn near verboten.

English people however are allowed to do this sort of thing because, well they're English you see. They live in a country where Kings of Leon* were allowed to play arenas for years without aid of a stadium-rock anthem like Sex on Fire. There the line between the big & the bespoke, the obvious & the obscure is drawn in pencil not ink. Art and athletics are not mortal enemies and I appreciate that.

I also appreciate the fact that there is lady making eyes at me at the 1:00 mark. Sorry hen, but I'm taken.

*Please don't mistake the KoL reference as an attempt to put that band on the same level as Peter Saville. Was just the 1st of many bands that are (or used to be at least) tiny in the U.S. and massive in the U.K.


EastBayGrease said...

Athletic Bilbao had a hot shot Spanish artist remake their uniforms for the 2004 season.


Not always a good idea.

Mike V. said...

Come on man credit where credit is due, those denim print kits in 94 were dope.

Me Here said...

Hey, Alexander Julian designed the basketball uniforms for the UNC Tar Heels and the Charlotte Hornets.

Alex Larsen said...

I will take a USA kit over an England kit any day and every day of my life, no matter who designed 'em.

A. Ruiz said...

Too bad the Kings of Leon suck, so there goes your argument. :P They also love Robbie Williams and milk with their tea. So that shows how much they know.

Also, we can't do anything new with soccer lest we be accused of "Americanizing" it and further proof of American Imperialism. Notice MLS 1.0 vs 2.0.