The Best Faux NY Post Headline You Will Read Today


"Goats Gore Bulls in Belated Battle of Barnyard Beasts"

That's all I have because that headline would shine brighter than anything I could write about that game. I challenge you to do better. No, seriously please leave your own terrible/brilliant NY Post-style headline in the comments. I need to be entertained this morning.


Justin said...

Braun Clips New York, Grounds Red Bulls...I don't know. Can someone clear this up - are they RBNY or NYRB?

Christopher said...

RBNY/NYRB lives in a pair of dual universes. Thus are both at the same time. Officially I think they've said that "Red Bull New York" is the organization and "New York Red Bulls" is the team they field - but I think that's really just a rationalization.

The proper Twitter hashtag is just #RBNY.

Becks said...

1st hat trick @ RBA: Justin I-Braun-imovich!

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