VIDEO: LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Peek

Our man Beans from TOW recently took a walk through LIVESTRONG Sporting Park with Teal Boon Boo Ree. Place is coming together, right? Loving the roof; after staying dry during the monsoon at the RBNY game this Saturday I feel like they're the move that pushes your stadium from Kip Winger to Kanye West on the ballin' outta control scale. Nothing says "luxurious soccer experience" like defying the elements.


Anonymous said...

looks like a great place

Jay said...

Clearly, Teal doesn't know how to operate a cherry picker.

Me Here said...

Me Here's Newsroom Assignment Desk
ASSIGNED TO: Any Kansas City journalist
STORY ANGLE: Track down stadium construction workers, find out if they've been invited to games, if they're going, and their impressions of real live soccer in the palace they just built.
RUN DATE: In conjunction with opening game.

(Yes, I would love to know what some of these blue-collar guys think of a real soccer match after all the sweat equity they just invested.)

JL said...

is it going to top red bull arena? in my mind, it's not. but the corporate glass looking exterior is awesome.