Traci Lords x Soccer x A Ghost Husband x Bison x A Trannie

So check this out for a random film premise. 80's flesh-flick icon Traci Lords is a widower raising two kids and 50 head of bison --which are delicious BTW--in rural Kansas. She needs an extra set of hands so she hires a Norwegian semi-pro soccer player who's "not gay, just European" to help out. She may or may be haunted by her dead husband and the town may or may not have a lone trannie. Are you sold? I am.

The film is called Au Pair, KS and if it looks eccentric enough for you and you live in or around Kansas City you should go to the premiere next week and report back to me. Very curious as to whether or not this film is quirky good or just plain-assed bad.

[H/T to K&S]

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Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have success.