NSR: Jamaica "Short and Entertaining"

Ever wonder what Phoenix would sound like if they were produced by Justice, engineered by Daft Punk and dressed like the dirty heshers that hung out in the off-campus parking lot in highschool? No? Too bad because Jamaica actually DO sound like Phoenix, WERE produced by Xavier from Justice AND used Daft Punk's engineer on their debut album.

I totally forgot about these guys but they played 3 shows in the city this weekend and it kind of reminded me how awesome uber-French pop music with Camaro-rock & coke-house tendencies can be. Get familiar (if you're not already) and catch them live before they f*** off back to France.

Oh and BTW that's Iggor Cavalera from Sepultura on drums but just just for the video. Weird, right?


Anonymous said...

Did you and the little one catch their Kidrockers show last w/e?

Jimmy said...

The video is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

call Jamaica

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