When the Hell Did Jerry Bruckheimer Start Working for RSL?

This is like some 300 meets Harry Potter craziness. I wonder if there will be a terrible tie-in video game to go along with it.


Alex Larsen said...

I'm down wit it.

los_djemba-djembas said...

Color me impressed and amused.

Anonymous said...

Fist of all, why are the only three "rivals in this commercial TFC, LA, and the Rapids.

Second: Jerry, I know you're reading this. We forgive you for G-Force.

Rich said...

legit...especially on MLS standards


Alan said...

Rather over the top, but very cool.

Str8Red said...

TO: Kyle Beckerman
FROM: Well, everyone
Re: Your hair

Kyle - CUT. YOUR FUCKING. HAIR. You look like an idiot, and have for years.

That is all.

Michael said...

Only way it would have been better would have been to paint Becker-mon's face William Wallace style.

I like!

Anonymous said...

Here are the outtakes from that spot: