VIDEO: Chasing The Dream Trailer Looks Pretty Damn Special

I once had a conversation with a very influential person in American soccer about the film Goal: The Dream Begins. He said that there was nothing in the way of undiscovered talent in America and that any player that was capable of playing at EPL level would have been on the radar of U.S. Soccer and MLS well before they would ever get a sniff at the Premiership.

I said "what about Jay DeMerit?" and he went silent.

DeMerit's real-life journey from Green Bay to Watford was certainly different than Santiago Munez's fictional journey to Newcastle but it does make you wonder who else is out there. In a nation as big as America he can't be the only guy to go undiscovered by the American soccer establishment.

[H/T to The Shin Guardian]


Anonymous said...

very nice

Human Being Sitting In Detroit said...

OK, I'm confused. This clip has been taken down, but apparently there is now ANOTHER Jay Demerit documentary floating around out there, with a different name. Grant Wahl just tweeted about it.

This "Chasing the Dream" doc looked pretty interesting. The thing Grant Wahl just referenced is "Rise and Shine" or something along those lines.

Again: Confused!

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