Ochocinco Watch: Day 2

You know what the most amazing thing about this whole Ochocino-to-SportingKCO exercise is? That soccer seems to have actually humbled Ocho. Not to the point of where he's not going to namedrop CR7 & Kaka --that would be unreasonable-- but to the point where you kind of forget about all his past madness.

I love that he says Ronaldo & Kaka would come out to K.C. to watch him play if he makes the team. It's like he adding in bonus cuts to an album before it's even recorded. How much tougher do you think it will make resisting the urge to sign the circus --for nothing-- with the promise of rings 2 & 3 now out there? Not too tough I reckon because K.C. have, you know, brains and wouldn't sign him just because.

Still if this doesn't work out there's always Ft. Lauderdale.


Mingo said...

I had the misfortune of watching local broadcast news out here in LA last night, and they were covering Ocho's trial with SKC. The news station, KTLA, didn't bother to spend 5 seconds searching Google for "ochocinco kansas city" to get the correct team name.

Their crack team of paid, professional anchors and reporters, confused Sporting Kansas City with the "Kansas City Legends". KCL is a U8 through U17 traveling kids soccer team.


I don't know if he'll make it through the trials, but I'd like to see him play.

Mecra said...

just watching him pass the ball is painful