NSR: Carles Calls It Quits

Y'all may not care but one of the blogs that influenced me the most is dunzo. Carles is shutting down for reasons that I way relate to:

Sup bro.

I am closing because I don't really enjoy content farming any more. Blogging used to be a little bit more fun and rewarding when I had a more naive outlook on what modern journalism meant. Now in a world filled with tumblrs, twitters, listicles, and an intense meme cycle, I don't think there is any thing very fun or special about it. I probably started HRO when I was insecure and felt like I needed a tribe of people to understand me to feel validated, but now I have predictably 'grown up'.
[via Gawker]

I'm disturbed by how much I can relate to this. Pour some out for HRO tonight, a defunct blog worth blogging about.

UPDATE: Reunion tour, Carles cashes in to "save 2K11."


Brian said...

Surely you will never grow up, will you??

Anonymous said...

Carles R.I.P.

Denny said...

Hipster run-off was only worth blogging about because it wasn't.

"And nothing of value was lost"

Rob said...

Blog may have been good, but I long for the day when that dude is off Sirius XMU.

Me Here said...

But you've still got the soccer, SF. Soccer will never betray you the way time and pop culture inevitably must.

Anonymous said...

Thank christ. I appreciated the deeply creative snark going on but how sad is it that you would spend so much of your time being a wise-ass about a subculture that itself exists as snark to something else. A black hole swallows all light.

www.muebles-en-murcia.com said...

For my part everyone ought to glance at it.