"My Bad" (Or the "I Got My Comeuppance" Post)

Yesterday sucked and I think it's because I'm paying penance for being an ass at times on this blog. I've taken some shots at people over the years and now that they're coming my way I have to sack up and recognize that. So since lists are so hot right now here's 5 of the people I'd like to apologize to (in no particular order):
  • Taylor Twellman: I know you're an opinionated sports guy yourself and get being a fan but I went overboard on you at times in your playing days (and not even in the most artful manner). Since playing was your job, winning an MLS Cup was probably a goal of yours; some of my jokes about you not achieving it were over the top and unnecessary. My bad.
  • Torsten Frings and the German national team: I should have been mad at Hugh Dallas, not you.
  • Alexi Lalas: I talked a lot of trash back in the Metro days but he's a solid guy. Even after all the ridiculous things I wrote that he may or may not have read, he was still one of the first to reach out to me after my brother passed. That's a real dude right there.
  • Freddy Adu and Little People: I was recently told by a 'little person' that the term midget is widely frowned upon in his community and viewed as derogatory. So with that I am placing the title of The Biggest Midget in the Game™ on the shelf right next to the no longer in use Landycakes tag.
  • EVERYONE WHO NEEDED TO SEE THEIR OPTOMETRIST AFTER ALL CAPS WEEK. Sorry y'all, I promise to never hang my issues on you in the form of extreme font makeovers ever again; I'll start a therapy-specific blog for that.
Take it way Timbo & Timberlake (BTW why haven't these two done another record?).