Holden's Houston Homecoming (Maybe)


The talk is that the Dynamo are trying to line up a friendly with Stuart Holden's Bolton Wanderers in Houston this summer. I like the idea, lets the dude get some hometown shine for a couple of days.

I kind of wish there was a a whole series of these: Run-DMB's Hannover in Indianapolis, Herculez Gomez's Pachuca in Las Vegas, Jay DeMerit's Whitecaps playing in Green Bay etc. Hell, Aston Villa would have to do a whole damn tour of the country for Bradley, Lichaj, Freidel and Guzan.

It would actually be pretty cool to have a camera follow Stu around during his homecoming. Kinda see what it's like to train & travel with an EPL squad, see his old stomping grounds, meet the family and see him catch up with his old teammates. @JasonETProducer, make it so.


Brian said...

Excellent idea. They're probably not too many US national teamers who got to play for their hometown MLS club.

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