Destination Vegas

In case you didn't know I'm currently "on assignment" covering the the American Outlaws rally in America's premier hot mess, Las Vegas. With Night 1 in the books I can honestly say that when it comes to people-watching there is no place on the planet that offers more "amazing" than Las Vegas.

In less than 18 hours on the ground I've seen much of what this fine city, and America really, has to offer: multiple arrests, a Bell Biv Devoe tribute band, disgraced bachelorettes, a man in a cream suit giving me the finger and a "f*ck you" for no apparent reason and, of course, American Outlaws. And what did those guys see? A lot of His Ginger Majesty.

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Mingo said...

Was great hanging out with you SF. You ever need anything when you're in LA, holla. :D