VIDEO: Jozy Touches Down in Turkey

Young Jozy arrived at his new club in Turkey today and was greeted at the airport by reporters and a f*cking oboe player. Does anyone actually like the oboe? And is that the appropriate way to greet The Boy King of New York & Jersey? Dude needs to hear "6 Foot 7" or "No Hands", some sh*t he can swag off to not snakecharmer music.

[H/T to SBI for the clip]


ERic said...

Not an oboe. More likely a zurna. Those things can take the paint off walls. They kick ass.

...but I'm weird.

Jay said...

Bring the squall, zurna player. Let's hear some skronk.

Footie needs more freak-out free jazz. IMHO, of course.

EastBayGrease said...

If it's good enough for Luke Skywalker and the Mos Eisley Cantina, it's good enough for Jozy Altidore.

Alan said...

Surely better than a vuvuzuela. ;)

Awesome clip and I hope Jozy can fight for a place in the team.

ThisIsVictorKim said...

really excited for this move. Galatasaray is the only european team i follow and claim some stake in, so I'm a taaad (read: not really) familiar with the turkish league. Though I would've loved to see him wearing the red and yellow, it'll still be fun to watch him perform in this highly underrated league.