Stadium P0rn: Nightfall at Empire Fields

Personal goal for the 2011 season: get to a night game in Vancouver before they move downtown as Empire Field looks absolutely radiant under floodlights. What I would give to see an epic game in the rain there.

Aside from the nocturnal look at the 'Caps temporary home there's a lot of great footage of some of the old-school 86ers/Whitecaps fans and the mobs that greeted the team after they won the 1979 SoccerBowl. Seeing the throngs of supporters filling the streets you can't help but wonder where the game would be in the U.S. & Canada today if the NASL was better run and still surviving. Perhaps places like Toronto and Seattle would be the norm, not the exception.


Anonymous said...


Love the city of Vancouver, but Portland will best them all decade long. Lastly, before long, Timbers will beat Seattle and represent the West in the MLS Cup!

Brian said...

Meh stadium doesn't look that great. I'm sure BC Place will be pretty damn cool.

Too bad both places are fake grass

Kevin said...

It's looks pretty good to this DC United supporter.

Empire Field > RFK Stadium


Jrodius said...

Clint Eastwood in a snap cap. Legit.