SF Approves of New RBNY Kit, Lance Amrstrong May Not


Y'all seen the new RBNY away kits? It's the thingy in the image above. Love that they dropped the Tour-de-France faux-zipper/button thing of the last few years and brought in something minimal. I think for the first time since the rebrand they've actually produced a jersey that I would wear outside of a matchday.


Geoffrey said...

Dude . . so buying it. I've neglected to get a new jersey for the last two years. I'm glad I waited. This is fresh as hell.

Alan said...

I wear only Metrostars.


JL said...


seriously dude?

That's like missing your grade school girlfriend when your hot co-ed girl/wife waits for you with hot food and wearing your favorite t-shirt without undies.

move on bro.