NSR: Jamie XX is in Town

FYI if you are in the NYC area and need a 'lil something to get into after the RSL-Columbus CCL match I've got a suggestion. TOR favorite Jamie XX is spinning at LPR tonight and you should go because A) he's dope and B) my 18 year-old sister called me over the weekend to see if I could recommend any good Dubstep to her so go see one of the genre's big names kill it before the whole thing is declared "over". I love my sister to death but once the TX panhandle is hearing about a scene it's a pretty good indicator that the sh*t is about to die.


BDUN said...

He's not dubstep, but great anyway!

SF said...


Have you been to any of his DJ gigs? I'd say half the stuff he dropped fell under that banner. But to be fair, he does branch out a fair bit from there.

Jamie said...

I'm pretty sure I've heard him refer to it as dubstep himself.