Dominic Kinnear is the New Mo Johnston

What is it with Scotsmen on draft day? There must be something about being "on the clock" that just makes those bhoys go absolutely batty because they seem to be the most habitually-active players come draft day. Seriously, if you thought Mo Johnston was unique you'd best think again.

If you don't believe me watch this latest installment of Inside the SuperDraft. Dom Kinnear is working the room like "a God among bros" at last call in an effort to close an 11th-hour deal with anyone he can. And John Spencer? Dude is down for whatever...so long as someone shows him some cotdamn money. The only one missing from the party is Stevie Nicol but since Wake Forest wasn't about anything this year he didn't really have anyone to chase.

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Brian said...

Can someone explain to me the "allocation money" business? What is the money used for specifically?