2011 All Star Game Coming to RBA, Prepare to Ball Out


For the first time since the Clinton administration the MLS All-Star Game is coming to New York. Or New Jersey to be more specific since Red Bull Arena is hosting the event which is great for me because that means I won't have to go away anywhere and sweat for a week. I get to sweat at home!

It's great for all y'all too because this most likely means I get to properly plan an All-Star week party to top all parties. Seriously, it's going to be some crazy sh*t like out of those SNL skits with Stefon; models, bottles and fire-breathing horses. Can't Wait.


coachie ballgames said...

when will they announce an opponent?

Brian said...

I'm guessing it's going to be a less popular opponent. The like of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United, Chelsea, etc. aren't coming to play in front of only 25k.

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