VIDEO: Salgado's Homecoming

Number one SuperDraft pick Omar Salgado arrived home in El Paso, TX yesterday with a handful of family and reporter-types on hand to greet him at the airport and he reveals that even he was shocked that he went that high in the draft. And here I just thought it was us, the chattering classes of the soccersphere.

He also says that his goal is to play for Real Madrid and that he may go on loan before he plays for the Whitecaps. Where would he go on loan in the U.S.? The USL? The NASL? If he doesn't get his waiver this could get real interesting.


Brian said...

Does he have to wait until he's 18 to play for Vancouver?

Rory said...

Yes, according to FIFA and his playing certificate.

But, MLS is an American AND Canadian league, hopefully FIFA sees it that way and will grant the waiver.
-Timbers Fan

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Jesse C said...

I hope some of these young kids realize how much extra work it will require to do things like "play for Real Madrid." I like dreaming big, but they need to learn from previous prodigies who have since washed out.

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