Robbie Savage in the Barber's Chair Being Vain, Talking Vancouver

There's just so much to talk about in this clip. Everything from Savage taking a swipe at Robbie Mustoe, Craig Forrest, Warren Barton and assorted ESPN analysts to the liberal use of the expression "no disrespect" while in fact being disrespectful to some frank talk on his offer from Vancouver.

Robbie Savage is a good player but a better personality and this clip kind of shows why. If he did decide to come to MLS he'd be such a media darling. He'd also be the most vainglorious thing to touch an MLS pitch since the days of Eddie Johnson referring to himself in the third person.

But be worried Vancouver fans (and trainers): if this is his idea of pre-game meal, yikes.


Anonymous said...

Does he think Vancouver is in the States?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon#1 I don't think get gets that Vancouver is in Canada.

...though lets be honest Canada is really just a protectorate of the US. :-P

Anonymous said...

Craig Forrest played for bigger clubs in Englnand (Chelsea and West Ham) than he ever did.

Brian said...

Robbie Savage wrote an article about this whole thing, and yes he knows Vancouver is in Canada. I believe his reasons for wanting to play in Vancouver is he has family there

Alan said...

After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that Robbie Savage is a d**k.