Pass the Plate for Gringos at the Gate

Attention brothers, sisters and fellow members of the congregation of the Church of American Soccer: it's time to pass around the collection plate.

The creators of the independent film Gringos at the Gate need our help to get their movie out of the edit bay and into theaters/DVD players so it's time to put up (cash) or shut up; watch the clip above to find out how you can help make this bit of celluloid soccer magic happen.

When the trailer dropped last year I was real stoked about this. Like "Andy Dick winning the Cocaine and Twinks lottery"-stoked. So c'mon y'all, help a brother help some other brothers out.


Jeff said...

Is there an email address of someone that can be contacted if I know someone who wants to help?

Anonymous said...

I recognize that drunk mexican from the USA game a few years ago in C-bus. That guy got hammered and almost got into a fight with the dude behind me...

if it wasn't him he sure looked like the guy and judging from the camera angle he was right by where i was sitting.

kinda funny

Mayer said...

I hope I'm wrong, but it seems to me that if the U.S. ever wins at Azteca, there will be at least one fatality.

Anonymous said...

the only fatality will be mexican self-worth.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I love the trailer. Just a lot of guys saying how important and awesome it is.

If we are talking indy footy efforts, Pelada looks like a much better film.

Anonymous said...

Um, Mexican's are ugly and stupid. "Mexican's are beautiful"? AHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry but no.

At the end a Mexican fan was saying 'they beat us in everything'. What sports did Mexican's ever do besides soccer? Nothing as far as I know.

I'm sorry but Mexico is a trashy drug ridden country. It's the truth. I'm not racist. When there is drug related gun violence spilling over on the US border, don't call me racist. There's a reason why Mexican's are here in the United States.
1) For better living.
2) Their stupid babies can be 'American's' and pillage the system with that loop hole.

I'm sorry but Mexico just....sucks. The only good image I can think of about them is margarita's along the sandy beaches of Mexico but then again, can an average Mexican afford that? Not likely.

Ahhhh to be American. Soccer is all Mexican's have lololol and their shitty Mexi-American television shows (They have hot bimbos as actresses, I'll give 'em that lol).

Anonymous said...

FFS. What is it about the Mexican-American rivalry that sends some people vaulting over the national pride / racist asshat line? You're the one who gives Americans a bad name.

Alexandra Kate said...

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