The Jozy Altidore USMNT Mixtape

The Boy King of New York & Jersey may not be getting as much playing time for his club as most of us would like to see but that's not going to stop 723 Films from dropping a mixtape of his USMNT exploits. And that's a good thing really because I think some folks out there have forgotten just how hot the kid is; don't let all the Spanish pine-riding fool you, dude is still probably the most legit American striker since Waldo.


nolan said...

dude has no finesse. if he did he would be amazing but for now its all power and air game.

Anonymous said...


A goal is a goal

...not matter how it's done ;)

Anonymous said...

power for sure, air game? Altidore is big, but he does not head the ball as well as you'd expect for his size. He's a fantastically talented striker though, and the US couldn't be luckier to have someone like him developing just as a single-striker formation is becoming popular.

Hull improved his holdup game, and his touch and passing seems to be getting better even in limited minutes in Spain. He's doing just fine for his age.

Brian said...

I love how he tosses Capdevila like a friggin ragdoll.

Although maybe I'm just being a typical whiny USMNT fan, but doesn't it seem like Jozy was much faster and more nimble in his early days with the USMNT than now?