A Booty-Bass Anthem for the GenAdi Generation


It took less than 12 hours for the hilarious call on Teal Bunbury's PK goal against Chile to hit the web in remixed form, proving that the phrase "the streets can't wait" applies to footy-freaks as well as hip hop heads.

I think every U.S. Soccer fan under the age of 45 should make this their ringtone for the week because it's stupidly fantastic. If you own an automobile with an outsized soundsystem bump this sh*t 'til the trunk rattles off it's hinges. If you own two turntables and a Serato setup drop this jawn at approximately 11:45 pm every Saturday night from now until the Egypt game. And if you are Teal Bunbury you now have a personal theme song; rock this like you wrote it, son.


Anonymous said...

i like the #boonbooree!!!

rich said...

tell you what - i still prefer this call from last summer. - even though i have practically no idea what he is saying, the emotion tells it all.


evan said...

haha i like it.

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Rene said...

I think my favorite still has to be this one. El Inspector, El detective Simek.



Alan said...

Every Black hero needs a theme song!