Video: EJ Scores on an Adu Assist

Wow. The Grown-Ass Man scoring and The Biggest Midget in the Game assisting. Which is kinda what they are supposed to do at their respective positions but it seems like forever since anyone has seen them do it. All we need now is for Justin Timberlake to remember that he's a singer and as such is supposed to make records and then the world will be right again (or it will be 2007).


NSR: Massive Attack Live at Abbey Road

Your man SF is as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest today. I've got my head down, working my way through some Google Docs spreadsheets and some new Massive Attack tracks. So while I listen to the newies you should check out 20 minutes of live oldies from the original chief rockers of the Wild Bunch crew. Bristol in the area!

Haitian Earthquake Turns National Stadium Into Camp/Cafeteria

There is a certain type of nourishment that is typically served up in soccer stadiums. This is not it. This is nourishment that is so much more vital, so much more important no matter how much of a fanatico you are. If you can help, please do.


The Red Bull G.O.A.T?


Feel like voting but have a felony on your record? No problem. Red Bull New York has got a ballot for you even if the government doesn't. The team just dropped an All-Time Best XI contest and the ballot includes some of the baddest bad-asses ever to don a Metro and/or RBNY kit. Go to NewYorkRedBulls.com/FirstXI and cast your vote for the New York MLS G.O.A.T (greatest of all time to those of you now familiar with mid-period LL Cool J); you won't elect a public official or bring "change" to anything other than your browser but you may win a pair of tickets to the Red Bull Arena Grand Opening/Awesomefest.


NSR: Broken Bells "The High Road"

I know I posted this song a while back but now that there is a video to go with it I feel that it deserves the rewind. I have a good feeling about this record; I've been playing it out during the early portion of my DJ sets and it always gets at least one trainspotter. A Postal Service for the 20teens, this might be Dangermouse's biggest release since he got "crazy" on that first Gnarls Barkley single.

Video: Landon Donovan's First Everton Goal

Watch out now! LD is on Merseyside and is now officially warmed up; England, you have now been officially warned.

Video: The Javier Florez Story

We've all heard of both recent and past tales of people shooting soccer players but when was the last time you heard of a soccer player doing the shooting? Looks like man has bitten dog on the streets of Columbia.

Charlie Davies Plays Soccer (and a Bit of Cards on the Side)


I just had lunch with a Greek man at an Australian restaurant (only in New York) and Sportscenter was running a quasi-maudlin piece on the recovery of Charlie Davies; even as they were saying that he's healing at Wolverine speed they still said it with an aire of doom & tragedy around it. Then I got back to the office and some guy sent me a photo of some dude from somewhere ran who ran into Chuck D. at the no-limit Texas Hold 'Em table at the Bellagio a few weeks ago (Deadspin has got whole the story). Suddenly all of ESPN's moroseness seems over the top and unnecessary...our man is going to be just fine.

South Africa's Most Hardcore Supporter

You know all those pimped-out hard hats with the chandeliers and antlers hanging off of them that South African dudes wear to soccer matches? I've seen them during games on TV for while now but I've never known their name until recently. They're called "makarapa" and alongside those out-sized Elton John-glasses that seem to be going around down there they are the must-have South African soccer-watching accessory (so can it vuvuzela).

So the guy who invented the makarapa is Alfred "The Magistrate" Baloyi and he's the most well-known supporter in South Africa. He recently brought a documentary crew to his home in a settlement outside of JoBurg to see his art, his collection of buckwild headgear and to tell the story of how he came to invent the makarapa. If you are pressed for time though you at least have to stick with it long enough to see his guitar; it's beyond ridiculous but beyond awesome.

Weird Soccer-Basketball Mutual Appreciation Society Twist


The Lakers played the Wizards apparently the other night. There is no video to prove it but word is Kobe had a hat-trick and Josh Wolff messed around and had a triple-double. No word on whether or not Becks was court-side but I'm assured that the Laker Girls were in fine form.

H/T to 10Shirt.net.


Balls from Boxes: Amazing Charitable Idea


I'm not sure whether or not these are actually out in the world yet but I have to say that this is just fantastic from every perspective; from the design to keeping it green to the humanitarian aspect, this is just outstanding. It's called the Dream Ball and it was created by Korean design house Unplug. The concept is as simple as the game played: aid is delivered to the third world in special packaging that can be used to create a football for children who don't have one. Apart from making a package out of actual food, clothing or shelter, it can't get any better.

Well played Unplug, well played.

I Think I Will Be Needing an Apple Tablet

I never read Sports Illustrated outside of doctor's offices and auto repair shops, but I'll be damned if I don't subscribe --to SI and about 50 other magazines-- once the Apple tablet drops. If the end result is anything like this demo I'm sold (so long as the cost isn't astronomical); as convenient as Kindle and the other e-reader also-rans are, they just aren't capable of making the content consumption experience as dynamic and meaningful as this device seems capable of making it.

The only question for me is should I camp out for it or wait until the second gen model comes out? I know the correct answer is the latter but I just don't know if I'll be able to wait on this one. The potential for reigniting my love of magazine's --which the media company's are banking on-- is just too much.

Keller Says What Others Are Thinking


"I don’t know the full story. I’m a player, I’m not in management. (But) I think when you’re under contract you’re supposed to be where you’re supposed to be for the team that holds your contract. And if something gets worked out, it has to be worked out with the club that holds your contract. You don’t as a player get your choice to say what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.”

Personally, I wouldn't have used the word "blasts" in the headline of this story about Freddie Ljungberg not reporting for camp but I guess if you're a copy editor I imagine you're sort of trained to go big whenever possible.

That aside, Keller kind of has a point here. I mean seriously y'all, (real talk alert.) do you think someone like...I don't know...let's say Taylor Graham could get away with that? Highly unlikely. About as likely as me calling my missus from a beach in the south of France to say "I think I'm going to stick around here a few days longer, see if any of the ladies here are interested while you sort out your issues. You can figure out what to do with the kids" and not ending up in divorce court.


Checking In With Charlie


When I ran into Gooch in Philly at the SuperDraft/NSCAA Convention a few weeks ago, some people didn't appreciate it and some did. Oh well, you can't please everyone (unless you are Kaka...nobody seems to hate that guy). Now I just scratched the surface because A) I am a blogger and not a journalist or broadcaster or any of things I have been rumored to be, B) I was not prepared to ask for more than I did, and C) Gooch has a schedule to keep Cotdamnit.

I'm sure our man Ives makes out better with these types of things though since he's a journalist and all; he went down to Delaware last week --where Gooch and Chuck D. are rehabbing-- to get the deep dive on what's what with Charlie Davies' recovery. Get ready 'cause it's not only a good read but good news as well.


Marvin Gaye x The Yanks x Tony Danza Army

Further proof that the 70's and 80's will never be topped. Seriously, who could you get nowadays to sing the national anthem that is even comparable to Marvin Gaye? And don't say Ke$ha because if you do I'll have your IP address blocked for all eternity.


U.S. vs. Honduras: Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday

Before we get stuck into the annual half-capacity January friendly at the HDC tomorrow night, let us recall the last time we had the Hondurans over for a kickaround. 5 minutes in, I was already cussin' at the TV but in the end we were saved the indignity of giving up 3 points in a WCQ in the Fed's home city. Will tomorrow turn out as good? What says you?

NSR: Richard Ashcroft "Are You Ready?"

I love King Richard. Always have. Dude is always so over the top and grandiose even when he knows his latest record is crap that you can't not-love him. But maybe I just love him because I have the musical tastes of a middle-aged British man.

Anyway this sounds nothing like The Verve (who, on the off chance you are keeping score at home, have now broken up for a third time) but was produced by Common, Kanye and Jay-Z producer No I.D. so it's got that going for it. It also sounds like a song that was created expressly for the purpose of being used in an advert for something or other which I'm sure is a great thing in a World Cup year.

Now that I think of it, have England released their anthem yet? On second thought it doesn't matter as they will never --ever!-- top "World in Motion"...or 1966 for that matter.


Video: Top Skills Number 20

Awwwwww sookie sookie now! Time for a lil' stylin' & profilin' courtesy of Torresinho...buckle up and nod your head like this.

Red Bull Rumor of the Day (Belated Edition)


Did you read this thing our man Stefan Bondy heard the other day about Raul maybe coming to play in the House of Taurine? Interesting. I didn't think anything of it until i saw this picture. Looks like he's already practicing his bovine-themed goal celebrations so why the hell not.


Run-DMB the Jeweler


Will you be buying your lady something from The DaMarcus Collection for Valentine's Day? You should because --judging by the photo above-- if this whole diamond-dealing endeavor doesn't work out our man Beasley will have to start making smooth jazz albums when he retires from soccer. And no one wants that. Except for dentist offices maybe.


The Union's Fred: Model Player

In case you were not aware of Fred's Australian sex-symbol past, you now have an underwear model to call your own Philadelphia. Personally I think you guys should start a petition for a "Banana Hammock Cup" to played against the league's other teams with undergarment pitchmen on their rosters, LA & Seattle. I'm telling you the ladies would love it. Love. It.


ESC Bring Lessons in Old-School Hip Hip, History to SuperDraft 2010

This is why supporters groups, particularly the ESC, appeal to me. There are few things in this world that are not named Ricky Gervais that are as entertaining as a group of educated, half-drunks with a penchant for The Ramones, Boogie Down Productions interpolations and references to colonial historical figures. To those behind goal, I salute you.


Preki's Hall of Fame Mixtape

In case you didn't know T.Dot fans, your coach used to be a baller.

Video: One Goal: Road to South Africa

I don't know anything about this film. I do know about Brent Gamit muggin' it for the cameras though. NJB represent!

Video: Houston Fans Hold Rally for Downtwon Stadium

In my narrow, cable television-influenced mind all "rallys" involve Birkenstock-clad co-eds, dreadlocked social activist-types, perhaps a few candles and at least one guy playing a Bob Marley song on an acoustic guitar.Thankfully Dynamo fans figured that none of that stuff ever worked for stopping wars so it's damn sure not going to work for doing something infinitely harder like getting a stadium built with public money in a recession.


Horse Soccer: A New Olympic Sport?

Absolutely yes. Even Glenn Davis thinks so (but not that Glenn Davis though).


Even Babies Have Mixtapes Now

Even babies have mixtapes now. Next thing you know he'll have a Nike deal, a Campbell's soup endorsement and set off an international storm of transfer speculation via Twitter.


Video: MLS Combine Monday Game One Goals

I'm still in combine land (but you probably already figured that out). Here'a all the goals from the first game of the day; gotta love the free kick from ND's Michale Thomas...so tight.

Janusz Mahalik and Derek Rae discuss the Donovan debut (say that five times fast!).


Video: Kenny Cooper Scores Against Hertha Berlin

Here's a name we haven't called in a while: Frankencooper. The big man has been kind of quietly doing his thing for Munich 1860 but made a bit of noise today by scoring the second of his side's goals against Hertha Berlin. Not a bad day at all for Americans Outsourced To Europe™, no?

H/T Pro Soccer Weekly

UPDATE: Apparently this goal was not scored today and is as aged as Paolo Maldini.

Video: Landon Donovan Post-Arsenal Interview

On my way to finally eat something after a long, wet day of combine games but I just had to throw this up all quick-like. Dude gave a great performance on the field today and gave an equally impressive interview afterward. That's. My. Dog.

Video: Even More Lando on Sky Sports (Pre-Arsenal Match)

It is 1:57 a.m. ET. Consider this your nightcap.


Video: Freddy Adu Arrives in Greece

Y'all know I love Freddy. Adu, I really do. But we also know he hasn't really shined yet at the club level in Europe. But the kid can still attract a crowd, as evidenced by the throng that awaited him upon his arrival in Greece. Dude even has chants already. Crazyness. This just furthers my belief that if he were to come back the States he'd still be a draw.

On the Ground In Ft. Lauderdale

My dude Dunny from TOW always does these "room with a view" things when he is on the road that I like. In tribute to him and the sun-drenched parade of ballerdom that is South Florida, I give this. Sure beats what's going on in NY/NJ today.

I'll be running around all weekend and into Tuesday at the combine for MLS Insider so if you don't hear from me here, you know where to find me.

Philadelphoa Kixx are Philly's "True" Soccer Team

Here's an ad for Philadelphia's long-running indoor team, the Kixx. I'm told it's for the 2010 season and in it they claim to be "Philadelphia's true professional soccer club". Is that a swipe at the Union or am I reading too much into that? Now I've got nothing but respect for that organization for keeping the lights on for pro soccer in that market for ages but any claim by an indoor team that they are a city's "true" soccer team when there a real, live 11v11 1st division team coming to town is a little rich.

If anyone out there has a good read on the indoor world I'd love to hear how the few teams that occupy the same city as an outdoor team (Chicago Storm is the only one I can think of) have fared. Ken Tomasch, hook us up.


Freddy Adu & Eddie Johnson Presented at Aris FC, to Headline Coachella


Have y'all seen the pictures of Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson's unveiling at Aris FC yet? Apparently the theme was some sort of loose interpretation of the video for Justice's "Stress". Except without all the broken glass, groping, spray paint, billyclubs and general wild'n out.

OK so maybe it was nothing at all like that video but it did feature The Biggest Midget In The Game™ playing pied piper to enough black leather-clad European youth to keep my favorite Parisian, heavy metal-disco DJ-duo in stunt doubles for a long-ass time. Easily the most fashionable player presentation we've seen in ages.

Robbie Russell on Scandy Soccer, What Lies Ahead for New RBNY Nordic Braintrust

Pardon the double dip but I'm just swamped today so I'm going to re-purpose the hell out of this interview. It's RSL's Robbie Russell --a veteran of Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic football-- talking about Scandinavian soccer and RBNY's new Nordic coach and GM. Something of a different take on todays Hans Backe news...as always I didn't want to regurgitate the same thing someone else already put out there.

Video: Lando on Sky Sports

Mad busy today with combine prep; going to Florida tomorrow then straight to Philly for the draft so I am crotch deep in "to-do's". I'll be in and out of here the next two days but if you don't hear from me it's not because I don't love you. So with that I'll leave you in the hands of Lands'.

P.S. For whatever reason you have to click the video twice to make it play.

NSR: Vampire Weekend "California English"

To my knowledge, this song is not about David Beckham.


Video: Studio 90, Day 1 of 2010

Look who it is y'all? My dude Kammarman! And he appears to be decidedly warmer than the last time we saw him. He's coming at us direct from the now-traditional January USMNT camp at the HDC with a posse-cut featuring Bobby Blue Eyes, MLS Cup champion Robbie Findley and Clarence "I used to rep Dallas but now I stack paper the Norwegian way" Goodson. With a little less than three weeks to go before the boys will be back on that grind again Honduras expect to see a lot more video from Kammarman & co. on TOR in the coming days.

You Know What? I Actually Feel Sorry For Mexico

You know why I feel sorry for Mexico? Because they have to play Bafana Bafana in the opening match of the 2010 World Cup in a 94k capacity stadium that will be filled to brim with these makarapa-clad nutters. South Africa's footie fans are a beautiful breed of passionate zealots; rocking a look that is part-voodoo shaman, part-walking junkyard (and for the one Orlando Pirates fan in this clip, part-Big Worm from Friday perm) these dudes are possibly the most down football fans on earth, regardless of what Simon Kuper may tell you about the Norwegians. So just press play and bask in the madness of the fantastic footie freaks from "The Rainbow Nation".

American Soccer Fans: The Original "Birthers"


You know those people that ignore Barack Obama's birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser back in the 60's and think that his birth certificate was faked and that he was born in Kenya, Indonesia, Kerplakistan or anyplace else? The "Birthers"? In addition to calling them delusional I think they should be called "biters" because more than a few soccer fans have already played that game with an American of African extraction.

Remember the good old days when people would debate the validity of Freddy Adu's birth certificate? Dudes would hit the message board of their choice and type 'til their fingers bled debating whether or not the The Biggest Midget in the Game™ was actually a child prodigy or an O.D.B. courting trouble by messing with jail-bait named JoJo. I thought those days were over. I was wrong.

Today Marc Zeigler of the San Diego Union-Tribune, one of my favorite soccer writers, has turned the clock back to those heady days of 2004 by dropping a little something entitled "A Birth Certificate Worth Questioning" in which he proposes that the kid is the sporting equivalent of that cougar you met in the hotel bar in Scottsdale; she's got the age she tells you she is, and the age her Fleetwood Mac tattoo tells you she is.

Hey, are those helicopters I hear? And why is David Duchovny running towards me?


Video: That Outrageous Clint Dempsey Goal

Deuce with the M.A.G.I.C.; it wasn't enough for the win but it was still just too much.

Do You Think Anyone in This Photo Not Named Deuce Will Play in The World Cup?


Question: do you think any of the people in this picture other than Clint Dempsey will make Bobby Blue Eyes' World Cup squad? I've thought about it and I honestly don't know. I think Jose Torres has the best shot followed by Run-DMB, providing he stays healthy and hot at Rangers.

After that it's a crapshoot at best. Freddy & Eddie are off to play for a club so obscure that neither Eurosport or any other soccer shop of repute bother to carry their kit. Gooch will most likely still be nowhere near match fit because even if he has recovered from his injury he'll be riding pine at AC Milan. And I'm not even sure who that guy between Freddy and DaMarcus is. What happened to all my young Americans?

NSR: JJ "Ecstasy"

Anyone that really knows me --and by that I mean in real life knows me, not just from my years of unsolicited Blogspot rambling-- knows that I'm not really into narcotics. Sorry, but sh*t's whack to me (you feel free to do whatcha like though). I live in one of New Jersey's most storied ghettos and I see the corner boys on the daily, pick up those tiny pink plastic baggies that rocks are sold in out of my yard weekly, and about once a month I go to sleep to the lovely sounds of the real life gun shots from "Paper Planes" swiftly followed by those flashing...lights....so the allure is lost on me. And don't even get me started on the things it did to some of my favorite clubs, artists, DJ's and people of the late 90's/early 00's (do you think Oasis would have made an album as bad as Standing on the Shoulder of Giants without the help of a lorry full of 'totaine? Please.).

I am a little envious of drug abusers though. On a daily basis, junkies get to use some of the most amazing slang in the world: phrases like "bumping rails", "dunking H", and "Candy-flipping" are so gloriously kooky that it makes me cry tears of the jealousy that I don't get the privilege of peppering my sober speech with them. Addicts also write really good songs, songs so good that even your Dad has to listen to them; $5 and a lock of Shevchenko's bleach-blonde hair says your old man has at least one record by Santana, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac or Marvin Gaye...all of which were notorious drugs hoovers.

I'm not writing this to preach, pass judgment or make any grand statements. I'm just saying all this as a preamble-come-ramble to my contradictory & hypocritical endorsement of the song above. It's about drugs, it's as addictive as "ghost-busting gutter-glitter*", it samples Lil' Wayne and it's from a Swedish group called JJ. I challenge you to hear it three times and not be hooked.

*See what I mean about about the slang? So inventive.

A Freddy Adu Transfer Mixtape

GANGEandBRIERE: providing mixtapes for all occasions since 2009.


NSR WTF: Booty Pop

What's crazier: the fact that this is a real product and not an SNL Digital Short or the fact that Martha Stewart is co-signing on this? They do say prison changes a person --particularly a person like Martha Stewart-- so my vote is for the former. So let this serve as a word of warning fellas: that booty may be poppin' but it might be padding.

(UPDATED IN HD) That Landon Donovan Mexican Lottery Commercial



The Zidane of Foosball is From the Heartland

When you bring your own tapes and wraps to play foosball, have you gone too far? Discuss.

Greg Jeezy on EJ, Greece and Other Things That You Should Read About


See, I was going to put a caption that said "Not Kanye West" but in Greek lettering. But then I realized that The Gimp does not recognize the Greek alphabet so I couldn't do it. And as for why Eddie Johnson appears to be in Kanye West video I have no idea. Maybe he went to hip hop fantasy camp or something. I also don't know anything about Greece --other than I was crushed out on a girl from Rhodes named Natalia Buras in college-- or it's league but that's OK because Greg Lalas does and he happens to be in Thessaloniki as we speak. Take it away Greg...

Carlos Ruiz: Still Dirty After All These Years


It's nice to know that our old friend El Pescidito hasn't changed. Sometimes people get money, or move to a bigger league and they start acting different or wearing head-to-toe Gucci outfits on their days off. But not our Carlos. He's still the same old dirty, diving S.O.B. that he's always been. Stay gold little fish, stay gold.

H/T to FCUptown.


NSR: Gnarls Barkley "Reckoner" (Radiohead Cover)

The sound of my Sunday morning (I was a bad Dad, skipped mass).


Video: Stu Holden on Good Morning America

Stuart Holden was on the New Year's Day edition of Good Morning America today, giving away some World Cup 2010 jackets for the show's coat drive and generally being Stu. This is officially his umpteenth appearance in Manhattan in the past month and I'm guessing he could have sublet an apartment in SoHo for the price of all the hotels he's probably stayed at. $5 and pork roll sandwhich says that by Monday there will be a "Stuart Holden to RBNY" rumor out there solely based on the fact that he has been in the city (which he says he loves) so much so close to his contract being up.