Who Wants to Hear a Smoothed Out Chivas USA Posse Cut?


You do, that's who. You want to hear Michael Lahoud ft. Chukwudi Chijindu's "Living The Life", a smoothed-out hip-hop/R&B hybrid that it just crying out for a video shot on a boat featuring the boys (boyz?) adorned in ample amounts of white linen, bikini-clad Chiva Girls and a handful of live goats rocking Kardashian-thick dookie ropes. It would be ridiculous.

The cherry on top would be an ending shot of Justin Braun aka J Money aka Daddy* "repping the 801, Salt Lake City" from the bow of the boat, arms outstretched with an unbuttoned shirt flowing in the breeze and a bottle of Nuvo in one hand as he delivers his closing lines. Magic. Somebody get Hype Williams on the phone and make this happen.

Bonus cut: the making of "Living the Life."

*Yes, he calls himself "Daddy" on the track. Riot Squad, do your worst.


Anonymous said...

*Brofist* Thanks from LA, NY guy.

Anonymous said...

Actaully, SF since you're such a Riot Squad butt kisser, you should know that Braun, aka "El Bolillo" was referring to San Jose. Porque? Cuz, J-money always scores against Smurfs. Always.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, looks like ELACtation got hurt. Poor poor dude.

Anonymous said...

Could've used an Akon cameo.