Wayne's Brother to Bring That Famous Rooney Charm to the 2011 Combine


So it looks like Wayne Rooney's kid brother is going to be a part of the 2011 MLS Combine and will be available for selection in the upcoming SuperDraft. Which is great. Not because I've seen him play and think he's the second coming of his talented-but-chavtastic brother but because his talented-but-chavtastic brother owns a house in Florida and I'm hoping for a post-Combine afterparty at Shrek's place. It would be awesome...so long as Graham doesn't show up. What can I say, I'm shallow like that.


Anonymous said...

i was waiting for the "lil wayne" mark A+ posting SF

Alan said...

He's the Billy Carter of soccer. ;)

price per head service said...

Congratulation to Wayne (by the way he has the same nick name as the rapper).