USL Pro No-No


Why? Why, why, why USL Pro? Why talk all this noise about regionalizing your league and cutting costs and yadda yadda yadda when you are just going to go and put a club out on its own out west? And in LA? Are you serious? The one market in America with two MLS teams? Y'all may as well try and open up an all-Schlitz pub in Dublin or something equally unlikely to be a success. Lawd have mercy...what will they think of next?


Brian said...

Pretty effin dumb when the next most Western team is in Ohio. Even more dumb when there are already 2 MLS teams who play in a stadium only 35 min away. You think they would have tried to put a team in San Diego or San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Qatar's next

CACuzcatlan said...

There's a 10k stadium in the middle of San Francisco that could use a team. They should have put them there.

los_johnny_angels said...

Union of Soccer Lunatics. This league becomes more and more of a joke with every announcement.

Dominghosa said...

Go Titans!

Anonymous said...

What's dumb is that you make it sound like the league chose the location. And that your completely oblivious to the fact that USL PRO said its not trying to compete with MLS. Plenty of minor pro baseball teams are close to MLB clubs and do just fine. Get your heads out of the weeds.

Brian said...

@Anon, are you really comparing the level of support of baseball in this country to the level of support of soccer?

Single A, Double A and Triple A baseball clubs can survive because: A) They're cheaper for the average fan, B) The level of support for baseball in this country is a lot more than it is for soccer, C) Typically they're located in cities that don't already have MLB teams

Check the list of Triple A teams: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple-A_(baseball)

All of them are located in cities that don't have MLB teams. Yes some of them are in cities and towns that are within 1-3 hours of an MLB team, but they can still get their share of that larger market.

For example: I'm not much of a baseball fan myself, but a lot of my friends are. I live in Sacramento. Most my friends are Giants or A's fans, but because SF and Oakland are 2-3 hours away my friends maybe make it to a handful of games in a season. Now the A's minor league affiliate is located in Sacramento (Sacramento River Cats, Triple A - Pacific Coast League) so they can draw baseball fans from the Sacramento area that can't always make it out to the Bay Area for baseball.

Or you have teams like the Reno Aces, Albuquerque Isotopes, or the New Orleans Zephyrs, etc. where there isn't a MLB for several hours.

With two MLS teams already located in a suburb of Los Angeles (Carson), it doesn't make sense to put a minor league team in another LA suburb (Fullerton) that's only 30 min away from the other two teams. Chances are if you're a LA area soccer fan (who's into American soccer, i.e. not a Euro or Mexi snob) you support the Galaxy or Chivas USA, and I doubt you're gonna feel the need or want to support a 3rd division side.

USL Pro (as well as the NASL) should put teams in cities where it makes sense travel wise (next closest USL Pro team is the Dayton (Ohio) Dutch Lions, so California really doesn't make sense at all at this point in time) and where the market is lacking a MLS club.

So cities/markets like: Atlanta, Detroit, Edmonton, Indy, Florida (Miami, Orlando, Tampa), Memphis, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Montreal, North/South Carolina, Ohio (not Columbus obviously), Pennsylvania (not Philly obviously), Puerto Rico, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Virginia, etc.