Time to Move On


Oh well, we tried. But in the end the promise of outdoor, air-conditioned stadiums --which in all honesty sounds like the embodiment of the American dream-- and the least-boozy World Cup in history won out. It's a shame but that's just the way the funk swings sometimes. But instead of dreaming of what could have been I shall spend my time wondering what could be.

Y'know things like "how can I make terrace anthems out of the Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets/Shiekhs" and Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Cutter/Qatar"? Or how can I find a good kidney broker...because I am going to have to sell one to afford the plane fare & hotel bill. And how long until some off-putting cable news network or tabloid makes some despicable generalization and throws up a thinly-veiled "The Terrorists Have Won" headline?

It's not all bad though.With 10 of the 12 World Cup stadiums slated to be within 20 miles of each other it's a logistical dream once you get on the ground. No 5-hour bus rides into the hinterland of the country for one game and no playing musical hotel rooms to follow your team. Sorry, but you have to love that. And I hear the beaches are nice if you are the tanning type. And if you aren't the tanning type too bad because you are are going to burn to death in that country regardless of if you go to the beach or not.

Somewhere in Zurich, Sepp Blatter is rocking the sh*t out of Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money."


Anonymous said...

i see you're taking it better than ives. unbelievable.

coachie ballgames said...

losing out to Australia would have been understandable. But this just reeks of a money-grab.
oh well, happy to have been around for 1994, maybe my grand-kids will get to experience a World Cup here.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the level of entitlement amongst US soccer fans. We just hosted the WC in 1994 yet people think the tournament should already return to the USA, despite the fact that the Middle East has NEVER hosted the tournament.

Oh, right, making trucker Steve in Fort Worth Texas go from hating soccer to thinking it's okay is more important that bridging the divide between the middle east and western society.

Is the development of soccer in the USA so fragile that it's dependent upon hosting the World Cup every two decades?

ERic said...

I haven't been thinking of it as the US hosting. I'm thinking of confederations. Asia hosted in 2002. Just eight years ago. It's been 16 years since CONCACAF hosted. The longest of any other confederation. If there were *any* hint of rotation, it should have been CONCACAF's turn. If Mexico had put up a bid instead of the US, and lost out to Qatar, I would be just as incensed.

Robert said...

Yeah, let's all move on. But before we do let's take a minute to remember that this is a country deserving of nothing but censure and ridicule. It's essentially Saudi Arabia with female drivers. It's among the least free nations in the world, even if it is freer than most of the rest of the middle east. This isn't something we should be happy about as American soccer fans and it's not something we should be happy about as free people who care human rights.

Jamie said...

I was just trying to figure out how to superpose pictures of Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner onto that video. Good call.

Lucas said...

Definitely hoping Israel qualifies for WC2022.

Martek said...

Not only do I want Israel to qualify for 2022. I want them drawn in Qatar's group and beat them

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