New Dynamo Kit x Brad Davis Smiling in a Dust Bin


So now that it's out officially, what do y'all think of the new Dynamo kit? I'm on the fence (shocker) because I'm still not convinced that a collar = professionalism; my old building superintendent in Jersey City wore a collar but also drank $3 vodka in the laundry room down in the basement. Mind you his shirt also had his name on the front instead of the back so maybe that's the difference.

Regardless of what I think though I'm just stoked that this photo was taken because I now have an image to use on the off chance that Brad Davis gets cut, traded or otherwise jettisoned from Houston. Expect to see this one again people.


3vil l33t said...

I got to see an early draft of the design that was almost a direct copy of the 88 Holland jersey.

love that fact we got rid of the blue and made it full orange, will pick it up along with the black goal keeper kit as well.

H.U.T.S. said...

I always hated collars on kits when playing. The collar rubbing against my neck would get distracting. Other than that I think its a big improvement over last years. Though, why not go all the way with orange shorts too?

Dutka said...

It looks great...especially in person. I don't think pictures do it justice. Can't wait to get mine.

equus said...

SF, make sure you capture that moment right before Ching executes a free kick against the forces of evil, raises his collar and says, "Au revoir!" like Cantona.