Miami Just Making Up MLS Stadium Ideas Now


Although I'm personally not on board with the idea of a MLS redux in Miami, I have to give credit to those South Floridians who are trying to keep the flame of hope alive because those guys will not give it up. But judging by the one of the latest ideas to surface they have reached the creatively-desperate stage of their quest because someone down there is talking about turning the disused aquatic stadium pictured above into this.

Check out the Football in Miami & Beyond blog for more details on this interesting, yet flawed idea (the flaw is not the notion of a floating stadium, the flaw is the notion that a city in Florida will turn out for a sport that is not college football). Hate on me if you want but I'm just not convinced that the Sunshine State is a good market for any sport that is not Florida St. or U. of Florida football.


Anonymous said...


Soccer doesn't belong in Florida, or in the South for that matter.

College football reigns king in the South. Even NFL teams (Panthers, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Dolphins) struggle against the tide that is College Football.

coachie ballgames said...

woah, that is bananas. But yeah, you're right, the market just doesn't support spectator sports. Even the almighty U has struggled with attendance since it left the Orange Bowl for distant Joe Robbie/Dolphin Stadium. Even with LeG.O.D.D. balling at the downtown American Airlines stadium they still show up late and have to be taught how to cheer.

Anonymous said...

U. Miami has not been relevant to Floridian's since Miami has not challenged for the national title in forever.

touros_vermelhos said...

Having been in FL for a few years I can say that most of the people i've met here are either northeners or foreigners. Massive influx of not-yet-retired outsiders.
If there is one market in FL that could work it would be TPA or ORL. There is light rail projected for sometime in the hopefully not-too-far future and these metro areas will be a 20-minutes ride form each.
MLS has stated that its not a matter of if theyre in the SE, but when.
TAP/ORL (once lightrail approved and in the works) has to be among the stronger candidates for SE expansion.

Anonymous said...

save it for D2 miami, jeez!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Qatar to ship over one of their stadiums as soon as their done with them.

Anonymous said...

So many haters out there. Why don't you just let us dream? That's all it is.
MLS didn't fail in South Florida. It was the owner that failed, he didn't have money to support the team. 2001 was the best year the Fusion had. 50% increase in attendance and the team won the Supporters Shield.

Why do you think South Florida is always mentioned for expansion? Because MLS regrets leaving. It will be back sooner then you think.

Anonymous said...

Too small. I'd hate to see this used for USMNT World Cup Qualifying.

Larry/Chicago said...

Miami will get MLS expansion.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, this stadium design was already pulled off in Singapore.


Brian said...

@the last Anon, yeah we got it. Talks about it in the 2nd link

edgar said...

Would this be grass or artificial turf?

I like it.

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It won't work in actual fact, that's exactly what I suppose.

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