Landon Donovan is Outside and Ready for His Closeup

When I think of Outside Magazine I think of TIAS because Spangler is sooooo the target demo for that 'zine: youngish, athletic, outdoorsy, childless and possessing a decent amount of disposable income (see the "childless" portion of the sentence). Other than that I usually don't think of soccer being in the mag let alone on the cover of it.

But there's Landon Donovan anyway, semi-shirtless and all the way live. I think this is what people mean when they talk about a player being able to "transcend" and crossover out of the soccer media ghetto. Good thing Landon had Andrew Shue to break the glass ceiling all those years ago, otherwise we may never have had this moment.


JB said...

Seriously Lauren? What a stupid thing to say.

Kevin said...

Lauren, it would have taken fewer words to simply say, "I'm an idiot."

Daria said...

He's a loser.

Adam said...

Guilty. & good on Donovan for the exposure, not that it does anything for soccer, but... Dancing with the Stars here we come!

(also the "don't jog" fitness advice is right on)

edgar said...

Never would've guessed Landon was capable of inciting such strong responses.
Either way great photos Lando!