Fire Fans Should Probably Exstinguish Any Flames That Remain for Freddie Ljungberg


For any young players out there who may happen upon this post, this is how you show up in a new city where you are rumored to be this close to signing with one of its most storied teams: wearing fur and a hat with the number "69" on it while talking about debuting against your future side's most-hated rival. Screw a press conference, that is how you let 'em know you are down for whatever from the jump.


andrés said...

People who insist that MLS is a retirement league are morons. While former stars come to the US and play in the league, they are far from retiring. Ljungberg is the most recent example. Aside from the litany of Mexican players who spent time in the MLS (e.g. Palencia, Blanco, etc.), you also have Beckham (who is looking for YET another loan situation), Gallardo, and others. More and more, players will come to the MLS later in their careers and still have enough to play in the top leagues afterward. Pires was very close to coming to MLS and I just saw him play for AV yesterday. And I'll wager that Angel and GBS find another team as well.

price per head service said...

You did great with the title. Nice pwon. Also they did something great with fur and that number.