Daniel Hernandez: Jodeci Fan


Here's the thing y'all didn't know about Daniel Hernandez: in addition to being a one-time David Beckham choking victim dude is a lover and has now gone on record as such by publicly declaring his affinity for early-90's knicker-melters Jodeci. I can't say I'm surprised at this because I remember when he was a Metro back in the day and he rocked them cornrows that made him look like a ghetto Ben Affleck. I liked that look...dude should bring it back.

Thankfully, Daniel's career trajectory has eclipsed that of K-Ci, JoJo and DeVante Swing who, as of late, are more known for passing out on-stage in Australia than for topping the charts in America. Keep freakin' my dude.


coachie ballgames said...

yo, Jodeci were the Kings back in the day. Got me Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeenin'
full props and pounds.

dallen said...

Looks like dudes raided Old Navy's '97 catalog for those shirts. That's not gonna get it done, fellas. Shirt game is weak.

SF said...

To be fair about the shirt game, this pic was from when Deuce and Daniel were both with the Revs so it's got to be like 2006 or something.

Alan said...

The amazing thing in that video is that he is passed the f**k out on stage and no one does anything and keeps singing.