The Taylor Twellman Press Conference

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If you've hung out at TOR for more than a minute you may recall a couple of jokes being made at the expense of one Taylor Twellman. I've made my funnies --even a few I may regret-- but I'm going to give him props for the speech he spit at his retirement party yesterday. Dude spoke from the heart, was humble enough to let Steve Nicol interrupt him on the mic and (most importantly) at no point sounded like he was reading a brief, prepared statement. This was a real man throwing out real feelings and I appreciated it as much as anything he has ever done on the field.

So with that I'll bequeath TT with the rarest of TOR retirement gifts: an apology. I doubt he ever saw it or even reads this wreck of a blog but in case it got back to him, this right here may have been a bit much. It was written at a time when I was too chickensh*t to not write things that I wouldn't say/didn't have the stones to say to someone's face. If you saw or read that back in the day and happen to see this TT, my bad.

But since he isn't playing anymore he also gets another gift....the "geriatrics" tag. Happy retirement TT! Pow!


Alex Larsen said...

TV will come calling shortly...

Anonymous said...

It's a sad year for Revolution fans seeing Heaps, Ralston and Twellman retire.

3 MLS legends, 3 great men.

Good luck TT.

Brian said...

Best of luck to him and I hope he gets a commentating job. It's a shame that MLS loses ones if it's best ever strikers like this.

And to be honest, I thought "TT's Photo Diary" was good-natured fun.

Anonymous said...

Have always been a TT fan. Man played with no regard for his personal safety when a ball was sent into the box. If you'd tell him that a ball was in a blender, he'd stick his head in there to get a crack at goal. I was upset he didn't make the WC squad in 2006 as well. Thanks for the highlights, Taylor!

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