Mick Jagger Brings Stadium Rock Attitude to World Cup

When you are the rock god that is Mick Jagger you do the World Cup a little bit differently than say, you or I, would. There is no wearing of jerseys. There is no singing (oddly since he is a singer by trade). There is no wondering if your ticket is a bootleg. And there is no queuing for anything.

There are however chauffeur-driven excursions to U.S. matches, V.I.P. seats beside fellow old-school party boy Bill Clinton, meticulously draped cashmere scarves, cameos by Sunil Gulati & Katie Curic and boasts of a post-game after-party at Sun City Casino with "gambling & lots of showgirls." Never in the brief history of this blog has a post cried out so loud for the tags "Geriatrics", "Music" and "Ballin' Outts Control" simultaneously.



Brian said...

Ahh it still hurts like a dagger to the heart

larryang said...

President Clinton totally rocked that USA warm-up jacket.