Last Night's Party: DP's at The Social


Good times on Queen St. last night with my blog buddies and assorted old and new friends. Last night's party at The Social was our second MLS Cup get together and it was the sh*t. Not in corny "look at us, we have bottle service"-way but a "in no other sport in North America could you mix so many players, fans, bloggers, journos and team & league staff members in the same room so seamlessly"-way. And I got to dance ironically to 2 Live Crew with Temryss Lane for, like, 60 seconds so there's that. Seriously, if you came through, "thank you."


A new friend from the Timbers Army and an old friend from the ESC.


Kyle Martino, Eva Amurri and Edson Buddle stepped up the celebrity factor substantially.


Dunny & Wondo: smiley-assed Californians.


My co-workers Jonah Freedman & Nick Firchau holding it down all classy like.


Last player to leave the party: Jon Conway. No longer a Metro but he is still my dude.


The party would not have happened without Beans. And it wouldn't have been a party without Jimmy Conrad.


Tom Wrecks won the award for Most Appropriately-Named DJ. He smashed it.


Jackie Pickering and the Jimmy Conrad Appreciation Society.


adikus said...

dude... super jealous

next year do it in LA so i can sneak past tony at the door thanks to my friend benjamin??

but hold on, before you go all "NY-snob" and start hating hard on the best coast, mull it over for me and keep in mind my dreams of buying jackie pickering a drink or two

paulsepp said...

A whole 60 seconds with Temryss Lane? SF is stepping his game up.

Anonymous said...

Jackie P. = game time!

coachie ballgames said...

Ill photos, did you use photoshop for the effects or are you crazy nice with old-school film?

SF said...

Just an iPhone app that goes it all for you.

Host Pay Per Head said...

It looks like a more relaxing partying than the other that you have.