Joel & The Jamaican


If you're down with Dane, you should read this profile on him in the Wall St. Journal (yes, the Wall St. Journal). It's a more-than-decent account of his rise from the dirt fields of Jamaica to the community college baller of the year to current role as Thierry Henry protege. For me though the big reveal is that he is roommates with Joel Linpere.

If you've ever met or seen interviews with these two surely you can grasp how awkwardly amazing their homelife must be. What I would pay to be a fly on the wall while they sit on the couch and trash talk each other in heavily accented, marginally decipherable English while playing FIFA 11. And I can only imagine what manner of party & bullsh*t went down after the both scored against New England a few weeks ago.

This is easily the greatest/most lethal Caribbean-Eastern European collaboration since Russia & Cuba got together back in the 60's for the missile crisis.


Cindy said...

for cereal! i was bewildered by the fact that they are roommates! interesting, but hey if it works it works! vamos Red Bulls!

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

That seems odd to me. I recently watched an Estonian TV segment on Joel (yeah, I did), and they showed him playing with his son at his apartment building in Jersey City. I wonder if the kid were just visiting. If not, this story is even funnier.