Beckham Deemed Funny/Not Funny Enough for SNL


Allegedly there is an offer on the table for David Beckham to host Saturday Night Live. Apparently Lorne Micahaels' people saw that Ellen bit from a few weeks ago and think he'd be a good fit. Also, he can't be any worse at it than Deion Sanders was. As a fan of the sport of soccer and SNL I have nothing but the highest hopes that this will come to pass.

I do have a suggestion however. It would be cool if his monologue began with something like "I'm David Beckham, this is my first time hosting SNL. I play soccer for the reigning MLS Cup champions, the LA Galaxy." That's sounds much better than "I'm David Beckham and I play for the LA Galaxy, who were top of the table all year thrn lost in final to a team from Colorado you've never heard of." Not that LA needs any more motivation to win a trophy but please do it so MLS can get a mention on SNL where it isn't the butt of the joke.

Also, you should remake "Dick in a Box" but with the box in question being the 18 yarder. The ladies and homosexualists might appreciate that I reckon.

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Brian said...

"thrn lost in final to a team from Colorado you've never heard of"

Your way of coping SF? Hahaha