Barcelona-Real Madrid: The Biggest Question


Typically I try to avoid discussion of foreign football that has no American connection. But then again I'm also pretty superficial sometimes so let me just ask y'all a question: which shirt should I wear this afternoon?

Specifically which Barça shirt (copped from Soccerpro.com) should I rock because there ain't no way in hell I'm repping Madrid y'all, sorry. This yellow joint or this black joint? I'm thinking the yellow looks better with my boxers --'cause I'm off today and I'm going to be siting on my couch looking like slob watching the game-- but the black is more slimming (did you know I'm overweight? Crazy, right?). But then again if I'm chunky and wearing a yellow shirt then I'll just come off like a Black Big Bird, which isn't the best of looks. These are life's tough decisions. Viva Barça!

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Jamie said...

That entire match was totally awesome! Take that, Generalísimo Franco!