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Well here it is, the semi-annual "What the hell is going on with Freddy Adu?"-article. Today's piece comes from Rob Hughes who calls Freddy's arrival in Denmark "as sad as it was inevitable." I'm not sure about inevitable, but yeah, it is kind of sad that The Biggest Midget in the Gamecan't get a contract at the mid-tier Danish club that employs former RSL teammate Yura Movsisyan.

I may be wrong about this but at this point it seems like epic stubbornness on the part of either him or his agent. Like he'll play anywhere instead of MLS -not because it's inferior but because he just doesn't want to give up on playing in Europe now that he's gone there. Like I said it's sad, especially given that there are a few domestic clubs that could use him and he probably still carries some cache with certain fans.

And if you are wondering what the photo has to do with any of this you are ass-out if you're expecting it to have any sort of connection to the story; any excuse to post pictures of player playin'.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he probably didn't score at this party but possibly hit the post twice.

Brian said...

@Anon, Wow. Bravo Sir. Bravo.

To anyone who doesn't get the joke:

Anonymous said...

I think its clear to everyone that the only scoring he's really interested in is off the pitch.

MLS' doors are open, but apparently playing for the Randers reserves is a better alternative.

What a failure. Can we disown players as a Federation?

Anyone see that scene in HBO's John Adams where he disowns his son? Yeah, Adu is that guy.

Anonymous said...

He'll make that team..play a few games and fad away (again).

He's not even a good joke anymore - really sad he went from talent to dipshit.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha hes absolute crap he'll get muscled off the ball do a step over and hit the post "twice"

Brian said...

He wasn't good at DC United. Sure, we could use him NOW, but we'll take anybody these days.

Jesse C said...

Adu left before Yura came, but that's neither here nor there. Actually its kind of there and there.