America, These Are Your Champions


This is how the Rapids celebrated their MLS Cup win: a pub crawl, a party bus and more questionable costumes than the sale rack at your local sex shop. If you haven't seen the awesome/hilarious/disturbing shots of Pablo Mastroneni as a pimp-cum-mobster and a shirtless Marvelous Marvel Wynne rocking a cowboy hat, duster and a tie go here. Just know that I can't be responsible for any Fat Albert & The Gang-esque nightmare's you may have as a result.


Eric said...

The best team in the MLS?

Well congrats CO!

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHH!!!!! Lawrentowicz!!!! I will never look at the sky the same way again.

Seriously, people... if you must look - do it through a reflective surface... or one a cardboard box eclipse viewer thing.

Martek said...

Is it me, or is that trophy looking a little the worse for wear in those pics? Methinks a silversmith or two in Denver will have a job or two to do between now and the home opener next season.

Nick Poleto said...

I love that an MLS club can get away with this. The MLS is just under the radar enough where Sports Center doesn't have to devote 30 minutes to "OMG, look at what the champs are doing!" Can you imagine if the Yankees did this trough Manhattan after winning the World Series, you wouldn't hear anything else on the news for a week. Good for Colorado, have fun with it!

Brian said...

I was curious to see what costume the big bald headed f*ck was wearing, but he's nowhere to be found.