Against Everyone's Advice, USL Still Holding on to New York Dream


Oh look who's back. It's FC New York, the self-professed soon-to-be-kings of the Gotham soccer scene. Or at least they thought they were going to be last time the attempted to launch. But a lot has changed since then: RBNY has become something close to relevant in the market, the ghost of the Cosmos is making the rounds and the USL has managed to become even more unstable.

But one thing hasn't changed: they are still going to be playing on Long Island. Seriously guys, why try?


BBpwv said...

they are run by a drunk, a thief, and a whore. i met with them myself. fucking liars i hope the cosmos get them in the open cup at some point. so i can let them know how i feel. bunch of liars. and did you peep the face supporters groups on there page?

coachie ballgames said...

thank you for this post. why try?? if you want to try the FC NY angle, go for it! don't cower in l.i.
go play at columbia's stadium, 17,000 seats. go play at MCU Park (brooklyn cyclones) in Brooklyn. Get a piece of the 5-boro dollar.

The suburbs don't work for any spectator sport. a lesson that Sky Blue FC (WPS) should heed as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Sky Blue, and better yet, the league as a whole, has just a tad more problems than being in the 'burbs, Einstein.

coachie ballgames said...

even Einstein would agree that I didn't state that moving into NYC would solve all of Sky Blue's problems, but would certainly help improve the attention the club receives and attract more fannies to seats.

Alan said...